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John Turner
Willdenowstr. 9
13353 Berlin
Telefon: 0162 7154863


Thrash Metal


John Turner (Vocals/Guitar)
Ben Kettner (Bass)
Markus Kluge (Guitar)
Shumon Chakrabarti (Drums)

Band biography

FADEAD came together in 2017 and has devoted itself to American style Thrash Metal with atmospheric riffs. The lyrical concept of the band revolves around Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. In 2020, the band entered the studio to produce a couple of songs which were released in the form of three EPs during the year 2021: Anacreonean Affairs, Foresight, and Times of Crisis. These EPs are also available as a CD-Album containing two bonus tracks. The band’s live approach is characterized by a no nonsense approach which combines musical might with a coherent stage appearance. Breaks to catch a breath are few and far between during the band’s live set, as they charge full throttle ahead.



Bandphoto credit: Thomas Pietsch


of decline and rise
8 tracks | playtime 40:4
recorded 2020│release 2021
Label All-In Sound│self-distribution

  1. concealed (by a jester’s mask)
  2. merchants of might
  3. the master’s appearance
  4. raven’s trial
  5. the center
  6. the long journey of hober mallow
  7. first anacreonean affair (abandoned)
  8. second anacreonean affair (leopolds lesson)